Your Top 5 Hair Problems Solved

Did you know, hair is one of the fastest growing tissues in the body — the only thing that grows faster is bone marrow. Oh, and you have approximately 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on your head… so it’s kind of a big deal!

Which is why I reached out to Chloe Olson, a hairstylist at Texture Hair Studio in Cedar Falls, Iowa, to find solutions for the most bothersome hair troubles. Chloe has been working wonders on people’s hair for over a year. Check out her Instagram for proof of her wizardry: @chloewiththegoodhair OR, just look at her own amazing locks.


And let’s not pretend that lipstick isn’t on point. So here they are: solutions to your top 5 hair troubles! Let’s get started.


1. Dry hair

Why it happens:

  • Not using the right shampoo and conditioner
  • Washing your hair everyday or washing it incorrectly
  • Using the wrong products for your hair type and challenges

What to do:

  • Start by washing your hair every other day. The mid-shaft and ends of your hair aren’t the parts that get dirty — it’s your scalp. When you wash your hair, focus on the scalp and not the length of your hair to avoid stripping natural oils.
  • Condition the length of your hair first, then quickly go over your scalp and rinse. If you have a dry scalp or if your hair feels heavy because it’s thin or fine textured, use a clarifying shampoo once a week to break down built-up residue.
  • If you workout or are worried about getting a greasy scalp, use dry shampoo beforehand, kind of like using deodorant before you start sweating so you actually prevent the problem. (Moroccan oil dry shampoo is the best!)
  • If you are color-treated or blonde-colored, use protein based products for two weeks to help repair any protein loss. Too much protein loss can compromise your hair integrity, making it shed/feel snarly and brittle. Then use moisturizing products, such as a weekly mask, or a light oil every morning and night.

2. Frizzy hair

Why it happens:

  • Hair’s moisture falls below normal levels
  • Your hair rubs on your clothes
  • Not blow drying
  • Not using the right products

What to do:

  • Apply a lightweight oil to wet or dry hair, focusing on mid-shaft to ends. A serum will sit on top of the hair and add temporary shine, whereas oils will penetrate deeper into the cortex of the hair and repair the cuticle: acting like a treatment. This is crucial for curly dry hair. (Lanza healing oil is the bomb!)
  • If your hair is long, your hair will rub on your clothes and rough up the cuticle (that is where frizz happens). Airdry your hair 50-70% then blow dry with a concentrator to control the airflow and section. It will also blow dry quicker and softer.

3. Heat damage

Why it happens:

  • Not using heat protectant
  • Using too hot of tools

What to do:

  • Use products that have a built in heat protectant.
  • Use irons that get no higher than 330 degrees.
  • If you are color-treated or blonde, heat protectant will preserve your color and keep it from coming out.
  • When you shampoo, use warm to hot water, then when you condition use lukewarm or cool water to lock the moisture into the cuticle.
  • When going outside with color-treated hair, use a UV protectant spray to keep color looking good and prevent fading.
  • Regular “dustings” (aka trims) every seven weeks will help stop the damage you have from breaking up the hair shaft, and will help your hair grown downward.

4. Hair loss or breakage

Why it happens:

  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Genes
  • Birth control
  • Antidepressants
  • Change of seasons

What to do:

  • Stop with the super tight ponytails! During the day/week, wear a butterfly clipped baseball cap for less tension on the hair. Tight ponytails and bobby pins cause short hairs on the hairline.
  • Using high heat on the hairline, or on color-treated hair with no protection, will cause breakage.
  • If your mom or dad have thinning hair, unfortunately you might experience that in the future too.
  • Changing a medication, using new birth control, or being pregnant/ having a baby causes hormone fluctuations in our bodies that control hair growth or hair loss.
  • If breakage is because of stress, start using a preventative shampoo such as Nioxin, or Awaken by surface. These shampoos and conditioners work to revitalize and create stronger hair follicles. They will give you a tingly sensation that stimulates the blood flow on the scalp, aka help promote hair growth. Anything to get the blood flowing on your scalp will help grow it!
  • Shedding in the fall and winter is normal because it is dryer outside.

5. Tangles and knots:

Why it happens:

  • It’s been too long without a haircut
  • Not conditioning correctly
  • Using the wrong brush

What to do:

  • Go to a hairstylist and get their honest opinion on what they would recommend for taking length off. Only cut your hair to a length that your comfortable with, but keep in mind, if you don’t take what’s needed, your hair will still look brittle and stringy on the ends and your hair will continue to break or tangle.
  • Condition your hair on the mid length to ends for at least a minute with a moisturizing conditioner, and rinse throughly.
  • Every woman on Earth needs a Wet Brush. The bristles are more gentle than any other brush or comb. You will notice a huge difference once you switch over. It’s also perfect for young girls with snarly hair.
  • Always brush the ends of your hair first, then attack the top. This will prevent the brush from pulling on the cuticle.
  • For added ease, use a leave-in conditioner spray or detangler spray on wet hair prior to brushing!

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