Quad-Focused Workout

The quadriceps are a group of (you guessed it, 4!) muscles on the front of your thighs. They run over your knee – helping with extension, and into your hip – helping with flexion.

You use these muscles for a lot of things, like walking, standing, running, bending, etc. so it’s important to keep them strong and functioning well.

However, a lot of people *cough* girls *cough* would rather build their butts as opposed to their quads. So let’s switch it up and hit a quad-focused workout and worry about the peach another time.

Grab a snack, shake out them legs, and get ready to wobble out of the gym.

Quad Focused Leg Day

  1. 10 Minutes Warm-up on the Stair Master
  2. 4×8 Heavy Front Squat
  3. Superset: 3×12 Split Squat & Box Step-Ups (can use same weight)
  4. 2×25 DB Walking Lunges
  5. 3×12 Heel Elevated Goblet Squat
  6. 3×15 Leg Extensions (toes neutral)
  7. 2×15 Leg Extensions (toes pointed outward)
  8. Cool Down/ Roll out

Let me know if you decide to torture yourself with this one!

Positive Vibes,


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