What I Eat In A Day

I always see YouTubers and InstaGrammers (is that a word???) doing these types of posts and I’m like, “LOL THAT’S ALL YOU EAT?” So fair warning, your girl likes her food.

Anyway, I get asked quite a bit about my diet, how much I eat, if I track, etc. so I figured I’d let you in on a full day of me + food. Currently I’m practicing intuitive eating, which simply means I eat when I’m hungry and I eat what sounds good/my body is craving. What that REALLY means is I don’t track and I eat what I’ve got in my fridge.

I’ve spent lots of years meticulously tracking what I eat so 1) I’ve got a pretty good idea of how many calories I eat per day and the macros of my food AND 2) I’m sick of tracking.

This is in no way me telling you to eat like me or saying that if you eat like this you’ll look like me/perform like me/anything like that. Personally, I find it interesting to see what other people are eating. It helps me with meal prep ideas and also inspires me to try new things! Hopefully this can do the same for you.

I’m not a doctor nor a dietitian — but if you’re looking for a meal plan you should talk to one!¬†

Let’s get started

7:00 AM (wake up): English Breakfast tea, honey, and almond milk

teahoneyalmond milk

9:00 AM (breakfast): Overnight Oats 


10:30 AM (first snack): Handfull of almonds and 1-3 Hershey Kisses


11:45 AM (lunch): Sweet potatoes, Chicken Chili Lime Burger, Mixed Veggies, 1-2 Low-Fat Cheese Sticks


1:30 PM (2nd snack): Protein Shake


2:30 PM (pre-workout): Piece of fruit OR RX Bar


6:00 PM (dinner): Sweet potatoes, Italian Chicken Sausage, 2 Scrambled Eggs, Mixed Veggies (different variety)


7:30 PM (3rd snack): Protein Granola, Frozen Berries, Chia Seeds, Chocolate Almond Milk


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