Best Gym in Dallas

There’s one question regarding travel I get more than any other: How do you workout and prioritize fitness while on the road? 

My best advice can be summed up in 3 bullets:

  • Focus on the purpose of your trip first. If you’re taking a vacation because you desperately need to relax–KICK BACK and let yourself chill. But if you’re checking out a new city and want to explore, eat good food, and live your life–then of course, hit a few workouts.
  • Make your workouts fit your plans–not the other way around. If you only have 45 minutes to get a sweat in, don’t worry about it. Write a quick circuit and get to work. Whether it’s 45, 30, or 10 minutes, a workout is a workout and you’ve got traveling to do!!! Don’t stress if you’re not able to get your typical 2-hour weight session in, just move your body. 
  • Gym hop. This is seriously one of my favorite parts of visiting a new city. Do some digging into the coolest gyms in your area and go check them out! Give them a call first if you’re interested in one of their classes or to find the best time to go. I’ve met really awesome people by popping into random gyms and I’ve gotten my ass handed to me by a few trainers. 

If you ever find yourself exploring Texas, and you’re looking for the best gym in Dallas, you absolutely need to check out PARADIGM Gym. And if you’re lucky, Ramon will be teaching a class. And if you’re really lucky, he’ll have a slot open. TAKE IT! And prepare for the workout of a lifetime. 

The Best Gym in Dallas

Weights area
Cardio area
Functional area

I knew I was going to love PARADIGM the second I stepped inside. It’s immaculate, the equipment is top notch, and the staff has an energy that radiates through to its members–making you want to workout.

The deep blue color scheme is stunning and a nice switch up from your typical black or red gym. There are tons of motivating signs on the walls without being overly obnoxious (you know what I’m talking about).

There are 3 distinct areas:

  • Cardio: stair climbers, rowers, treadmills, and every other machine you could dream of 
  • Functional: turf, slam balls, sliders, kettle bells, etc. 
  • Weights: machines (THREE different leg presses), free weights, cables

Basically, if you want something, they’ve got it. 

The Extras

I’m a sucker for the little things, and PARADIGM has alllllll the little things. 

Infrared sauna? Check. 

Personal lockers? Check. 

Supplements to purchase? Check. 

World class trainers? Check. 

Classes that make you feel fit af? Check.

State-of-the-art body scanning equipment? Check. 

My Workout at PARADIGM Gym

Right off the bat Ramon had me step on the STYKU 3D body scanning machine and the SECA MBCA Analyzer. 

These two machines gave me a ridiculous amount of info about my body:

  • Body fat and where I store my fat (it’s my hips, no surprise there!)
  • Water content and how hydrated I was
  • Fat-free mass percentage 
  • Skeletal muscle mass percentage 
  • BIVA (Bioelectrical impedance vector analysis) 
  • Visceral adipose tissue (stomach fat) and waist circumference 
  • Phase angle 
  • TEE (total energy expenditure) and REE (resting energy expenditure) 

Ramon walked me through my results and gave me some expert advice, “Clean up your diet.” You right Ramon, you right. (I ate gelato immediately after the gym…don’t tell Ramon.)

After getting a clearer picture of my current fitness, it was time for the gauntlet. I hopped in on Ramon’s Endure Class, which he rightfully referred to as “Hell.” 

The Nitty Gritty 

After a quick warm-up, Ramon walked us through the workout. 10 stations, 50 seconds on 5 seconds off, 2 rounds. All functional movements. All Hell.

LOL pardon my heavy breathing 
I was delusional and half-dead, his name is pronounce RUH-MOAN not whatever I said here, SOS

There were about 3 separate times I thought I would lose my lunch–I genuinely looked around for the nearest trash can–but somehow, I made it out alive. I’ll be honest, I definitely took breaks when we weren’t technically on break time…but I felt my soul leave my body and I couldn’t move another minute. 

What I loved about this class was the energy, intensity, and the thought-process behind the movements. It wasn’t just a handful of movements thrown together for shits and giggles. Each movement was well thought out and placed in the circuit for a reason. And NONE of them were boring or your “typical” circuit movements like lunges or pushups. 

Summed up

Hands down, the coolest gym in Dallas. The cleanest gym in Dallas. The hardest working gym in Dallas. I’m obsessed, and I’ll be back. 

Post sweat sesh feeling like a Queen

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