Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

The holidays are coming to an end, and if you’re anything like me, you ate all the food and drank all the drinks. (And you probably didn’t stick to your workout routine…uh-oh)

First of all – don’t fret. The holidays are about joyfulness and being present–not perfection. Plus, one week (or a weekend) won’t ruin your health. 

With that being said, you might find that your stomach aches, you’re a bit bloated, and your muscles aren’t feeling the greatest. Not to mention your to-do list hasn’t been touched and you kind of just want to nap. Now what?

Friends, health and fitness are lifelong journeys. And having way too much fun with your friends and family  is a piece of that journey. The other piece is figuring out how to jump back on track and hit the week full speed. Here are my tips for getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.

  1. Chug all the water. Your body and mind are probably begging for some plain ole’ H20 – give them what they’re asking for. Start your morning with a big glass, take your water bottle with you everywhere, and skip the hourly coffee refills. There’s all sorts of junk running through your veins and digestive system that might need a little extra push to get out–that’s where water comes in.
  2. Skip the snooze button. Monday morning comes real quick after a weekend spent ignoring your bedtime. However, by clicking snooze and letting yourself snag a few extra minutes of sleep, you’re signaling to yourself that you’re not ready for the day–and gosh darnit, that’s not how we’re starting a fresh week. Jump out of bed, throw your favorite tunes on, and get ready to crush your goals.
  3. Stretch it out and walk around. Spending 5 minutes lightly stretching in the morning will do your body and soul some good. Your muscles are probably stiff and need a good shakeout anyway. And if your days are spent at a desk or mostly sedentary, you’re going to want to get up and walk around every hour or so.
  4. Eat good foods. By “good” I mean REAL food made from REAL ingredients. I’m talking lots of plant material, lean proteins, and complex carbs.
  5. Just get in the gym. I know–working out sounds less than appealing right now, but your body needs a reminder that it’s capable of pushing through. So write out your favorite workout, throw on a cute outfit, and go sweat it out.
  6. Go to Snoozetown a little early. Shut your phone off, turn off the TV, and get some early shuteye. Trust me on this one; you’ll need it.

The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over. Plus, the benefits you gain from some time off, with your feet kicked up and a few sugar cookies in your belly, far outweigh the cons. 

Positive Vibes,

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