Weekend in Evergreen, Colorado

Few places in the world give me the same peace-filled excitement Colorado does. The tall, rugged mountains juxtaposed against crystal clear lakes and deep green pine trees—I can’t get enough. 

Evergreen Colorado

I’m also 99% sure the air is fresher and the water crisper. (Not confirmed by science.) 

Luckily, the state is only a short 10-hour road trip away from my front step. Which means whenever I get the chance, I carve out a long weekend and drive across the flattest piece of Earth (Nebraska), until I find myself happily hiking up the side of a mountain. 

If you’ve never been, or if you’re planning a trip to Colorado soon, give the adorable little town of Evergreen a look. It’s quaint, near mountains and lakes, and close enough to Denver that you can head in for some big city fun if you feel like it. 

Here’s how I spent my recent weekend in Evergreen, Colorado.

Day 1 

After an uneventful 10-hour haul, we pulled into Denver and grabbed a quick bite to eat and a few cold ones at Avanti. The concept of this eatery is unique—5 different restaurants stacked together under one roof—and it works seamlessly. I opted for pizza and give it a 7.5/10. 

Then we drove the 45 minutes to Evergreen and checked in to our adorable Airbnb–which I give a 10/10 if you’re interested!

Our first night was spent exploring a bit, watching a movie, and hitting the sheets pretty early because Day 2 had lots in store.

Day 2

I’ll be completely honest–I hadn’t skied since the 8th grade…so you could say I was a bit nervous as we made our way to Keystone Resort. However, once on the slopes all my nerves slipped away and I had an absolute blast!

There are plenty of runs for all skill levels and the resort is meticulously taken care of. If you’re like me and don’t own your own skis, no worries! Check out Christy Sports for an effortless rental. But make sure you’re going to the right one–there’s 2! So double check your reservation.

Oh–and if you’d prefer to skip skiing altogether and just sip mimosas or brews–Keystone has you covered with multiple bars and restaurants.

After a few hours on the mountain we were all pretty beat up and ready to head home. Plus, a bad snow storm was quickly taking over and the highways were getting backed up so we figured it’d be best to head home.

Back in Evergreen we spent the rest of the night (and part of the early morning) playing cards and hanging out. There’s truly nothing better.

Day 3

Evergreen Lake, located in the heart of Evergreen, is more of a large pond than a lake. However, it’s booming with activity: pond hockey, hiking, and ice fishing. We decided to hike the trail around the lake–which wasn’t really a “hike” but more of a long walk. Still worth it though.

After a nice long walk we headed to the Coors Brewery in Golden. Tours are FREE and you get a ton of free samples–woot woot beer lovers! The tour only lasted about an hour so we had plenty of daylight left to burn.

After a quick bite to eat, we jumped back in the truck and headed to Red Rocks Amphitheater. It was getting crazy windy outside and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees, which meant our visit was pretty speedy. But it was still a gorgeous sight in the winter. Definitely looking to catch a concert there once the snow melts.

Day 4 (My golden birthday!)

I’ll be real–day 4 was my favorite, and not just because I turned 24.

The day started with fresh cinnamon rolls and OJ–a killer combo. Then we headed to Elk Meadow Park for some serious hiking. We hit 3 different trails that added up to about 5.5 miles. Along the way we saw 2 little coyotes chasing each other around a field and 300 dogs on walks with their families–ADORABLE. Let’s just say I got endless birthday kisses. #goodboy

After our legs were all good and tired, we headed home to grill out and drink a few cold ones while playing 1,000 more games of Pepper. Oh, and we each ate 1/4 of a decently large cake #worthit.

Dinner was Italian at Tuscany Tavern. I had the traditional spaghetti and meatballs with a Moscow Mule and they were both delicious. None of had room for dessert but we somehow managed to scarf down a scoop of spumoni.

The night ended with…you’ll never guess…card games and Scrabble.

I can 100% say there’s nothing else I could’ve asked for on my birthday. Surrounded by the most beautiful place on Earth with some of my favorite humans eating great food and playing endless games–I am one grateful gal.

Evergreen, Colorado will forever have a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to visit again. If you’re headed that way–feel free to ask any questions (or just take me with you).

More pics of my weekend in Evergreen below!

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