4 Business Lessons That Apply to Real Life

Six months ago I began my journey as a business owner, and it’s safe to say I’ve already learned a few (okay…more than a few) good lessons. The best part, aside from bettering my business, is applying those lessons to my personal life and relationships.

If you think about it, your life outside of work is kind of a career in and of itself. So it makes sense that a lot of the same lessons convert to everyday life. Let’s dig in.

It’s Not About You–It’s About Them

In business, you learn immediately that it’s not about you at all–it’s completely about your clients. Everything you do, say, and produce has to be tailored to them if you want to succeed.

That’s not to say your product or service shouldn’t align with your personal values and bring you fulfillment–it’s just saying that if you want someone to buy in, it better be focused on their needs.

The same can be said about your relationships: platonic and romantic. Sure, you need to put yourself first and make sure your needs are met, but at the end of the day, your focus should be on those around you.

Your words and actions need to be kind, supportive, honest, and intentional. You need to listen well and be willing to provide those you love with what they need–as long as it’s not crossing any of your personal boundaries of course.

And the sooner you realize the world doesn’t revolve around you, and you’re just a small speck chilling on the Earth with a bunch of other specks, the sooner your relationships will thrive.

Intentionality is Key

Actions without intentions are pointless. You don’t start social channels without a social plan. You don’t write content without a content plan. You don’t open a business without a business plan.

Intentionality in business is how you get where you want to go. It’s how you reach your best clients and produce your best work. It’s what makes great businesses stand out from good ones.

And guess what? Intentionality in your personal life is also key. Movement without goals is silly. Friendships without value are a waste of time. Words without thoughts are empty. Money dropped on ridiculous stuff is just that–ridiculous.

To live your best life and engage in relationships that will help you flourish, you need to be intentional. That means really thinking before you speak or do. Setting goals and making a detailed action plan (then actually following it). Reading and consuming media that will help you grow. Surrounding yourself with people who align with your values and represent the person you want to become.

Before you do or say anything–you should know exactly why you are.

There’s Always More to Learn

Listen, you don’t know it all. You might think you do. Hell, you might really believe it. I don’t care how much of an expert you are on your given field–there will always be more to learn.

I make it a habit to meet with someone every single week that has something to teach me. I walk into each meeting with the same mindset: I know very little and I’m open to everything this person is willing to share.

Do the same in your personal life. Before you walk into any room, remind yourself that you’re here to absorb–not share. Talk less and listen more. Ask questions. Keep an open mind. Stop believing that in order to show how smart and valuable you are, you need to talk about everything you know. People love it when you let them soak up the spotlight. Let them.

Ya’ll, I promise you haven’t even tipped the iceberg of knowledge. Keep that attitude and you might get close.

Know Your Worth and Accept Nothing Less

Rates are a tough topic. It’s difficult to justify why someone should pay you a big chunk of change instead of paying someone else less. And trust me, there’s always someone willing to do it for less money.

However, something you need to learn very early on in your business journey is this: Know your worth, set your worth, and don’t let someone pay you less than that.


You’re a shining star. You work hard to be a great person. You care about those around you. You’re putting hours in daily to get better. You’re learning, growing, and blooming. You deserve love. You deserve kindness. You deserve loyalty. You deserve honest friendship. You deserve abundance. You deserve all of that and much, much more.

And if someone in your life isn’t willing to give that to you, you need to walk away. Because when you allow yourself to accept less than you’re worth, you’re telling the world, “This is who I believe I am now. This is my new standard.”

And sister (or brother), that’s just not it.

I promise you, there are plenty of beautiful humans willing to pay your rate and treat you right–don’t settle until you find them. (PS: sometimes you don’t find them until you walk away from the bad ones. So stop refusing to leave.)

The lessons go on and on, but these are a few that stand out and are applicable to every day. What lessons have you learned through your business, or life, adventures? Share below!

Positive Vibes,

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