Keep Chasing the Money


Before you keep scrolling, I want you to do 2 things:

  1. Answer this question: What do you want in exchange for your energy output each day?
  2. Forget everything you associate with the word “currency.”

When I hear “currency,” I immediately think about money. Which is totally normal. But as you continue reading this post, I want you to do so with a new definition.

Currency: The emotional experiences you’d like to have each day in exchange for living.

Used in a sentence: My currency consists of joy, excitement, fulfillment, and laughter.

So no–this post isn’t about chasing after cold hard cash. But yes–it’s about chasing a different kind of money (currency).

Why You’re Not Happy

10 months ago I was stuck in an endless chase for this currency–yet nothing I did brought me any of this. In all actuality, it brought me quite the opposite: stress, fatigue, and frustration.

I knew the life I wanted, I was clear on the human I wanted to be, and I was pretty sure I knew how to get there–but instead, I was busy chasing the wrong things and following the wrong rules.

Which leads me to another quick life tip: Quit following the rules. Make your own damn rules. Stop looking to society to figure out what you should do next. When you live your life following a path paved by people who don’t share your heart, skillset, and goals–you’re sure to end up lost.

Anyway, back to business.

I was sick of feeling like a fraud in my own life but wasn’t entirely sure how to escape my fraudulent ways.

My currency was USD but life was giving me euros–you feel me?

How to Be Happy

Then it hit me: Chase my currency and accept nothing less. It’s that simple. Make decisions based on what brings me:

  • Joy
  • Fulfillment
  • Growth
  • Opportunity to help others
  • Creativity
  • Freedom
  • Alignment

Those are my currency–the coins and bills that make up what I want in exchange for waking up each day. They’re what drive me to keep going even when I feel like giving up. And when you’re clear on your currency–decisions get a whole lot easier.

For example: I took up weekend waitressing to make extra cash while I was going through the process of creating Kaptivate. The money was fabulous–it brought me freedom and allowed me to help others. However, I got to a place where I no longer needed the income, and work was beginning to suck the joy and fulfillment out of me. Plus, I no longer felt aligned with the role.

So I said, “Thanks for the experience. I wish you well. I’m done.”

It no longer fit my currency. Instead, I chased things that did: Better clients and smarter budgeting.

Chase Your Own Currency

Next time you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “Hmm…should I do this thing?” Ask yourself this: “Is this going to give me back the currency I want?”

If the answer isn’t a resounding “YES!” Don’t spend even half a second giving it your time and energy. Move on and fill that space with something that does.

Apply this to everything and everyone that’s asking for your time, talents, money, and energy.

Chase your currency and you’ll never question a decision again. Plus, life will start to get pretty damn sweet.

Positive Vibes,

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