It’s Not Anyone’s Job To Conform To Your Beliefs

It’s frustrating and sad this post even needs written.

But unfortunately, daily conversations, interactions, and scrolls through social media make it painfully obvious that people still can’t grasp the fact that *gasp* not everyone shares their beliefs or ways of life.

Here’s the deal: Everyone has their own values, belief systems, experiences, and thought processes that shape how they live, act, think, and speak. AND THAT’S OKAY.

You don’t have to agree with them. They don’t have to agree with you. You have a few appropriate options really:

  • Choose not to engage
  • Remain respectful and non-judgmental, understanding everyone’s different
  • Seek to understand their viewpoint
  • Be kind no matter what

If you’re tempted to do anything other than the above list, don’t.

Do not:

  • Belittle someone for believing something different than you
  • Judge someone for dressing or acting in a way you deem inappropriate
  • Tell someone they’re lesser because of their beliefs or choices
  • Talk down on someone based on their differences
  • Try to change or “save” people

You might be wondering, “What the heck happened that made Kaili write about this?” A few things really. First off, I’m tired of seeing people judge women for wearing clothing they feel isn’t appropriate. Contrary to popular belief…

Women’s bodies and clothing choices aren’t your business nor are they here to please you!!!

In fact, whether she’s wearing a string bikini or a trash bag, her value remains the same. She is capable of the same level of thought, kindness, empathy, and impact either way.

Another thing I am tired of hearing is people’s judgements on differing religions. LET PEOPLE BELIEVE WHAT THEY BELIEVE, even if it’s “nothing.” You go on and live the spiritual life that brings you joy, whatever that is, and let others do the same.

Unless someone’s beliefs are directly hurting you or someone else, mind your business.

Don’t even get me started on relationships and life timetables. Not everyone wants to graduate college, find their soulmate, put a ring on it, and pop a few babies out. Some people don’t want any of that. Some people want all of it but in a different order. Some people have absolutely no clue what they want. And some people end up in situations they didn’t necessarily intend for.

It’s non of your business whether Joe and Amy moved in together before they were married or Megan and Andrew had a kid after only dating for 1 year. I’m pretty sure they can figure it out for themselves, and if not, they’ll let you know when they require your assistance.

People are allowed (and made!!!!) to create their own stories. You can read it if you want, but stop trying to be a co-author and commentator.

For those of you who’ve felt judged or victimized by internet trolls, your family, friends, strangers, or anyone at all based on any of the above: I am sorry. Next time, tell them to politely shove their opinions back inside their mouths and move along.

And remember, this goes both ways. Next time you’re tempted to toss your judgements and opinions into the arena, choose to quietly sip your tea instead.

Keep doing your thang (safely, obviously).

Positive Vibes,

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