Flagstaff and Sedona: Weekend Adventure

It has been a hot minute since I’ve blogged about travel. Not because I’m lazy (though kind of) but because I honestly haven’t gone anywhere big since moving to Arizona. And when I have gone somewhere, it’s only been for an afternoon of hiking.


This past weekend Evan, Leo, and I drove 2.5 hours north to Flagstaff for 2 days full of nature, hiking, delicious food, sleeping in, and adventure. The drive is simple but takes you through lots of twists and turns with gorgeous views once you hit Black Canyon City. If you’re able to, hit this spot around sunset…you won’t regret it.

Sunset on the drive in

Where To Stay In Flagstaff

Because we had Leo (a big, fluffy husky), we decided to skip a hotel and go with AirBnb. We rented a gorgeous, studio apartment outside of town. Was it it the middle of nowhere? Basically. Were the stars absolutely incredible at night? 100%.

It was about a 10-minute drive to downtown Flagstaff so not bad at all. The views made the drive totally worth it though.

Where To Eat In Flagstaff

Let’s get to the good stuff: food.

Once again, we had a dog. So it was important to find dog-friendly restaurants who didn’t mind a big furry fluffball following us around. Everywhere we went was delicious and I’m beginning to think Flagstaff is a culinary icon.


Lunch & Dinner:

  • Lumberyard Brewing Co.: 10/10 my favorite place to grab a drink and a meal in Flagstaff. I recommend the salads (hate to be THAT girl) but they’re HUGE and delicious.
  • The Green Room: This place is part rave, part sandwich shop, part concert venue, part bar. Wouldn’t necessarily beg to eat their food, but they let dogs inside which was incredible because #cold.

What To Do In Flagstaff & Sedona

The goal of our weekend was to spend plenty of time outside. So the bulk of our days were spent hiking and exploring. We took a drive over to Sedona, about 45 minutes, and did a big hike there too. The towns are close enough that I highly suggest seeing both!


  • Soldiers Pass (Sedona): Talk about gorgeous red rock views!!!! This trail did NOT disappoint. However, we did accidentally take a few wrong turns and end up adding a couple miles onto our total but it was well worth it. Bring plenty of water, snacks, chapstick, and sunscreen for this one. The Sedona sun is hot hot hot and the air incredibly dry. If you don’t have the AllTrails app, definitely download it prior to heading out.
  • Fatman’s Loop (Flagstaff): This trail was a lot quicker and easier, but equally gorgeous. Instead of red rock you’re blessed with forrest and green mountain views along with an overlook of the city. Fatman’s Loop is right outside of Flagstaff and only took about 10 minutes to get to. Once again, it’s easy to get a little lost, so make sure you have your app handy!

Other Stuffs

The air up north is colder and dryer than Phoenix, so bring appropriate clothing and definitely don’t forget lotion and water.

You have to pay for parking in Flagstaff, but it’s pretty affordable. You can use cash or card.

Trailhead parking lots fill quickly, so get to your hike early or prepare to park .5 to 1 mile away.

If you don’t have good hiking shoes, you’ll want to buy some.

Turn your phone off (or on do not disturb) and just enjoy the outdoors. Flagstaff and Sedona are beautiful and you won’t regret unplugging.

Positive Vibes & Happy Travels,

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