Do THIS, And You’ll Never Fail



Slow down.


You can’t do all the things. You weren’t made to do all the things. You were made to do YOUR things.

The things that bring you joy. The things that challenge you in the best ways possible. The things that amplify your life to the next level. The things that excite you. The things that fulfill you.

Those things.

Do those. Funnel your energy there. Give them your time. Give them your attention.

There will be other things. Shiny things. Big things. Intriguing things. Distracting things.

They will try to pull your attention and drain your focus. They will try to convince you you’re not enough. They will tell you lies like:

  • There’s no time for rest
  • You could be doing more
  • You could be more
  • You aren’t making moves
  • You’re missing out
  • You’re on the wrong path

They’ll come from places like: social media, your friends, your family, and even those dark little crevices of your mind that always try to drown you with overwhelm.

Eyes down. Head focused. Move forward.

That’s your job. Shift back to YOUR things. Your joy. Your mission.

These other things suck the life from you, drain your energy, and deplete your joy.

Instead of entertaining them, choose rest. Choose to recharge. Choose an intentional refresh. Choose YOU, YOUR things, and YOUR joy.

When your energy is properly aligned, then you can elevate your life and step into your space. Then, it’s impossible to fail.

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