The Only “Right Way” To Spend Quarantine

COVID-19 sucks. Quarantine sucks. Sitting at home all damn day, every damn day, sucks. Watching our entire world experience a collective panic, sucks. Knowing people are sick and dying, sucks.

OK, glad we got covered all of that.

Basically, everyone has been served a big plate of “this f’n sucks,” and the last thing any of us need while feasting on that plate is to be told HOW to properly feast.

(tricked you, there’s no “right way” to do this)

We didn’t want this meal anyway, please don’t advise on how to make shit taste better, ok?

You know what I’m talking about. The people sharing tips on how to “be more productive” or “spend quarantine either getting fit or getting fat” and all the other BS coming from apparent closeted quarantine experts.

Listen Linda, if you want to share your personal experiences and what’s helped you get through, that’s perfectly fine. I support you.

But for all the “Do This Donnas” out there, insisting you must spend this time wisely (which wtf does that even mean?) I want to share a small nugget of info:


If someone wants to…

  • Wake up super early and be productive AF every single day
  • Workout twice a day and eat endless greens
  • Nap every afternoon and stop working at 2
  • Binge every series on Hulu, Netflix, AND HBO while shoving snacks in their mouth
  • Wear nice clothes even though they aren’t leaving the house
  • Meditate
  • Read, podcast, and take online courses
  • Cry (a lot)
  • Fail at homeschooling their kids and decide SCREW THIS, we’re playing dolls

THEY CAN. And that’s “right” for them.

The only “right” thing to do in this “unprecedented time” (puke) is whatever helps you feel calm, aligned, alive, mentally stable, and experience as much joy, adventure, love, and peace as possible–whatever that looks like (while remaining safe/health).

Your brain is experiencing completely novel trauma and distress. It’s quite literally wondering, “What the ACTUAL fuccc is happening?” And it might need…

  • Rest
  • Distraction
  • Support
  • Exercise
  • Learning

To get through and come out the other side thriving and alive.

AND THAT IS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am begging you to do whatever it is you need to do to feel any resemblance of normalcy or sanity or happiness or calm–while feeling completely, 110% OK with that decision.

If that means: deleting social media so you don’t see “productivity posts,” asking friends for extra space OR extra support, turning off your alarm and allowing yourself to sleep until naturally waking, opting for walks instead of runs or “workouts,” rearranging your work day to fit around a nap, eating what tastes good instead of what makes the most sense nutritionally, wearing PJs all day, or lying under a weighted blanked having your 5th breakdown this week…


And I’m proud of you. Keep doing you boo. We’ll get through this shit storm together (but 6 feet apart).


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