The name is Kails

I’ve been addicted to the way words feels as they drift from my mind onto blank sheets of paper since I was young enough to hold a pencil.

Stories have always felt like home.

And not much has changed. Aside from the fact you’ll rarely find me using a pencil–instead opting to tap nosily away at my keyboard as I try to convey exactly what I’m thinking well enough you’ll understand. And I’m no longer sitting at swim practice–I’m probably thousands of miles from home hiking through a foreign forest and eating more food than any one person should ever consume.

Side of Kail is my journal. A piece of me. Home.

A place to share my favorite stories and spark tough conversations. A space to talk about travel and self-growth and my new favorite recipe. A place to say, “Hey, you’re not alone. ” Welcome, and thanks for coming along for the ride.

Curious to know what happened to the carrots? Stay tuned.

Positive Vibes,