Fruit and Fitness: What’s the Deal?

We all want to know: Is fruit good for me? How much fruit should I eat? Will fruit make me fat? It’s full of sugar so should I stay away from it? What about smoothies? And fruit juice? And fruit roll-ups? And FRUIT BY THE FOOT?????? *stands* “My name is Kaili, and I’m a fruit-aholic.”…

Micronutrients: What Are They And Why Do We Need Them?

According to Merriam-Webster, micronutrients are a chemical element or substance (such as calcium or vitamin C) that is essential in minute amounts to the growth and health of a living organism. As opposed to their big sibling macronutrient: a chemical element or substance (such as potassium or protein) that is essential in relatively large amounts…

KISS: The Only Diet Advice You’ll Ever Need

Keep it simple, silly. (The true acronym actually uses “stupid” but ya’ll aren’t stupid.) When it comes to nutrition, and health in general, we love to overcomplicate: juice cleanses, fad diets, meal replacement shakes, intricate food tracking, IIFYM, fasting, skinny teas… you get the picture. For some, these may be the answer. For most, they’re…

Food Swaps

Instead of searching for the foods that make my belly sad, I’m focusing on the foods I know make it happy. I’ve realized I was complicating it. There are tons of foods that I can eat without any problems, and they typically keep me fuller longer and performing better.

Snacks: The Best Food Group

I’m also health conscious and keen on staying relatively trim… so the key to my success is snacking smart. By “smart” I mean snacking on foods that keep me fuller longer, provide me essential nutrients, and taste ridiculously good. So, what are my favorites?