Find Your Fit

Fitness is hard. I get it. There are a million and ten ways you can get your fitness on. CrossFit, group classes, powerlifting, running, yoga, etc. For a long time I felt I had to “pick my poison” and stick to it. Get really good at “it” and not cross boundaries into other fitness territories, so to speak.

So, I decided on weight lifting. And honestly, I LOVED it. I lived for a new PR. I craved the way my mind and body felt after a two-hour squat-session. I never felt more satisfied with my body image. And best of all? I could eat. A lot.

Then one day I ventured onto a yoga mat. Holding my body up, elbows pressed to my thighs, feet behind me, and head forward, I thought to myself, “This is really difficult. I’m sweating profusely (it was hot yoga). Why does it look so easy when the instructor does it? I LOVE THIS.”

That’s the day I nervously torpedoed myself out of my fitness comfort zone and said, “I’m going to do it all.” Which is where I’m at now. Am I the best on the mat, on the platform, or on the field? Absolutely not. But I’ve found my place in the crazy world of fitness by ignoring boundaries and paving my own way.

Looking to find your fit? Here are my 5 steps to do just that.

Just Try It. Whatever “it” may be. If you’ve been eyeing a class or even a new gym, give it a go. Show up. Have an open mind. You never know – it could turn into your new fav.

Partner Up. Trying new things can be scary. Grab a girlfriend, (or boyfriend/significant other/sibling/stranger on the street) and tackle your new adventure together.

Skip The Scale. One thing I hear people consistently saying is, “I don’t lift because I don’t like the way it makes me look,” or, “I don’t run because I never lose weight.” Guys. There’s way more to exercise than weight loss or the shape of your body. Just because something doesn’t give you your ideal physique doesn’t mean it won’t become your ideal stress reliever. Find a new reason to fall in love with fitness.

Remember Rest. Schedule in days of relaxation. Rest is vital to a healthy body. You need those z’s to recover and re-fuel for your next sweat session.

Find Free. A lot of boutiques and studios offer a free class or week of classes. Take advantage of these deals. Think of them as little sampler platters (and we all love sampler platters, am I right?)

You don’t have to stick to one thing. It’s amazing what branching out and moving your body in new ways can do for your life and fitness.
Positive vibes,

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