Gift Guide For Love Languages

It’s officially gift-giving time!!!! My favorite time of the year. Sorry not sorry to everyone who thinks it’s too early to start preparing for the holidays, because it’s not.

Gift giving is an art. But even if you’re not naturally blessed, with a little bit of help you can learn to give thoughtful, personalized gifts your partner will love. One easy way to do that is by tailoring your gifts to their love language.

For this gift guide to make sense, you should read The 5 Love Languages and take the quiz (so should your partner!) The quiz only takes about 5 minutes. The results will look like this:

These are MY results, yours could be different

Essentially, these are the ways in which you feel loved, with #1 being your dominant language. For instance, mine is quality time, meaning I feel most loved when receiving undivided, uninterrupted, 1-on-1 attention.

Knowing this about your partner can help you not only show them love, but show them love in a way they feel it most.

The 5 love languages are:

  1. Physical Touch
  2. Quality Time
  3. Words of Affirmation
  4. Receiving Gifts
  5. Acts of Service

Note: We all feel loved in multiple ways–so it could be fun to give a gift from each category. Or, stick to your partner’s top 2 languages and shower them with all your love. Happy giving!

Words of Affirmation:

  • Scrapbook of your favorite memories together and notes about why you love those moments
  • List of reasons you love them, your favorite things about them, etc.
  • Personalized playlist that reminds you of them or is full of “your songs”
  • Love letters or “open when” cards
  • Customized canvas or painted wood sign with a quote or saying they love

Physical Touch:

  • Massage (either professional or by you) OR couple’s massage
  • Warm, fuzzy blanket or socks
  • New outfit
  • Bath bombs
  • Take a new dance or exercise class together

Receiving Gifts:

  • Follow their list (if they have one!)
  • Surprise gifts sprinkled throughout the month
  • Tickets to a concert or sporting event
  • Small trinkets that made you think of them
  • Flowers or chocolate while they’re at work

Acts of Service:

  • Car detailing
  • Sign up for subscription service like FitFunFab or BlueApron
  • “Love Coupons” either homemade or bought (homemade are cooler)
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Clean the house or do their laundry

Quality Time:

  • Completely planned date night or weekend getaway
  • Gift certificates to favorite restaurants or coffee shops
  • Board or card games
  • Book a bed and breakfast for a night and turn off all devices
  • Fun, spontaneous adventure like an amusement park or road trip

Keep In Mind…

The point isn’t to spend tons of money on extravagant gifts, it’s to intentionally fill your partner’s love cup in a way they’ll appreciate most.

These gifts aren’t reserved just for the holidays (but they make great Christmas presents!), sprinkle these bits of joy throughout the year and watch your relationship grow. You might be surprised to learn how your partner feels loved–and what happens when you start showing them love in that way.

Happy gift giving! And positive vibes,

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