Resolutions: How To (Do Them Better)

It’s 2018. You have the entire year ahead of you. A fresh slate. Empty pages to an unwritten book. Endless opportunities. Goals upon goals upon goals. And you’ll crush them all, right?

Hold up… why is it that, according to a commonly cited statistic, only 8% of people stick to their so-called “New Year’s Resolutions?”

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A few common mistakes are:

  1. Setting too broad of goals. If you don’t narrow in on exactly what you want and how you’re going to get there, you’re much less likely to do it.
  2. Setting too high of expectations. Big dreams are good dreams, within certain boundaries. Set your goals high, but keep them achievable.
  3. Not writing them down. Writing something down sets it into motion. Keeping it as a thought does just that.

Avoiding these 3 mistakes will get you a little bit closer to a “new year, new you,” but there’s still no guarantee. So, what else can you do?

If you’ve followed me for any stretch of time you know I’m all about goal setting and personal growth. So you bet your bottom dollar I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves. If you’re looking to tackle a journal full of exciting, adventurous, life-changing goals, read on for some tips.

  1. Make mini goals. A year is a long time – 365 days to be exact. And some goals need that long (or longer) to be reached. However, if one of your goals is to get your health on track, do more for your community, or amp up your relationships – you might benefit from parsing them down a bit. For example, you could set monthly goals: January – avoid soda, February – get to bed 1 hour earlier, March – stretch every day for at least 15 minutes, April – break a sweat 6 days a week, etc. This technique helps you focus more intensely on one or two goals at a time, so you’re much more likely to reach them.
  2. Have accountability partners. Sometimes all we need is a little push. If you’re the type of person who loves having a gym buddy or always grabs a friend before hitting the grocery store, an accountability partner might be perfect for you. For example, I have a friend who texts me every day asking for 3 things I’m grateful for. She keeps me accountable, even on bad days, to have a positive attitude and a grateful heart. Maybe your accountability partner texts you in the middle of the week to find out how many days you’ve been to the gym or how many pages you’ve read each day. A little help can go a long ways.
  3. Read and re-read your goals. Since you have your goals written down (right?!) taking some time each day to read over them can be a great way to keep them fresh in your mind. I’ll be honest, sometimes I forget what I’m working toward and then I open up my journal and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I haven’t focused on that all week!” Another option is the age-old trick of writing reminders down on sticky notes and pasting them on your mirrors, car dash, or inside your favorite books so you have a slew of constant reminders.

Remember: goals only work if you do, and resolutions are supposed to be hard to keep, but with a lot of ambition and effort, you can do it.


What are your 2018 goals? Comment below!

Positive Vibes,


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